Pulse Camera Remote

Note: New versions of the Pulse App are available for the latest versions iOS and Android.

From snowy mountains to the busy studio find your stride with a 100 foot Bluetooth range and 12 hours of battery life. Combining the freedom of a remote trigger with the power of the most advanced intervalometer, Pulse gives you complete creative control in real time. Whatever the assignment, Pulse is designed for you to capture the magic you feel and bring it back to share.

What’s included

  • iOS and Android app
  • Camera cable
  • Charging cable
  • Carrying bag
  • Pulse


Explore the App 

Please select your camera so we can send you the right cable for your Pulse.

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Wireless Triggering

    Adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Start and stop videos, take photos and get the creative freedom you need from 100 feet away.

    Control Multiple Cameras

    Sometimes one camera isn’t enough. With three Pulses you can control up to 3 cameras from one smartphone or tablet.

    Advanced Time Lapse

    More than the average intervalometer. Remotely adjust settings and take on changing light conditions with exposure ramping.

  • Thumbnails and Histograms

    Review a low-resolution thumbnail of the photo you just took alongside histogram data. The information you need meets the power to act.

    HDR Bracketing

    Wide ranging light levels can be difficult to photograph. Bracket up to 7 EV stops to maximize dynamic range in the harshest conditions.

    Long Exposure

    Go beyond 30 seconds. With bulb mode you can set any shutter speed or use the manual option and adapt to your subject as it develops.

  • Set it and forget it

    You don't need to keep your smartphone or tablet connected to Pulse. Once you specify your settings you're free to disconnect knowing that nothing will interfere with your shot.

    Wireless pairing

    Pulse uses Bluetooth Classic to send images and histograms to your smartphone or tablet. For all other features, including controlling camera settings, Pulse uses Bluetooth Low Energy for increased reliability and battery life.

    • 100 foot range

    USB camera tethering

    Pulse tethers to your camera via your camera’s USB port. Cameras typically have one of three types of USB ports. Pulse comes with one USB cable that is appropriate for your camera. Additional cables are available if you would like to use Pulse with cameras that have different USB ports.

    Hotshoe mounting

    Pulse cleanly slides into your camera’s hotshoe mount for convenient shooting and storage. Pulse does not need to be mounted in this position and the hotshoe is available for flashes and other accessories.

  • Battery life

    Like all electronics, battery life varies with operating conditions and temperatures below 0°C may reduce battery performance. Additionally, some cameras may draw power from Pulse.

    Pulse will automatically go to sleep when inactive to extend battery life. When not using Pulse manually turn Pulse off with the on/off switch to preserve battery.

    Pulse blinks up to four times when first turned on to indicate available charge in increments of 25%. You can also check battery life in the app.

    • Lithium-ion battery (USB rechargeable)
    • 12 hour battery life
    • 4 hour recharge time

    Blue LEDs

    By default Pulse flashes blue when taking a photo. Typically this does not interfere with long exposures or night photography, however you can control the intensity of this light or disable it entirely.

  • Camera compatibility

    • Compatible with most Canon and Nikon camera models
    • Compatible cameras are listed in the camera selection drop down menu

    If a specific camera is not featured in the drop down menu, we may not have tested it and it may be compatible. Contact us for more information.

    Sony cameras are not compatible with Pulse due to Sony’s technology limitations. Sony does not allow their cameras to save photos while tethered to any USB device, including Pulse.

    Smartphone compatibility

    • Most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer are compatible
    • iPhone 4s and iPad 3rd generation are partially compatible
    • iPhone 4 and below and iPad 2nd generation and below are not compatible