Radian 2 Support

Connection Issues

If you're having problems connecting your Radian correctly to your phone, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your Radian is not paired with your phone's bluetooth in your phone's settings. Radian operates using Bluetooth Low Energy, meaning it pairs automatically with your phone when the Radian App is opened. Connecting your Radian to your phone manually in settings will turn off your Radian and the Radian App's functions (this is usually only an issue with Android).
  2. Restart the Radian App to allow your phone to pair with Radian correctly. You can see this happening in your notification bar which will have a Bluetooth arrow symbol that flashes and holds white when Radian is paired. You will receive a notification in the App when Radian is connected.
  3. The Radian App can pair with multiple Radian units to enable multi-axis movement. To enable this feature, allow the App to connect to each Radian unit and go into 'Devices' from the App's main screen. There, you can name each Radian and specify it's movement as Pan, Tilt, or Linear. When you go to program your Time Lapse, setting Panning, Tilting, and Linear motion will program each Radian accordingly and coordinate time lapse intervals across all devices. Only one Radian needs to be connected to your Camera for triggering/USB control.
  4. Make sure Location Services are turned on in your phone's settings (this is only applicable to Android where BLE is considered a location service). 
  5. If you are still having difficulty connecting your Radian, disconnect from your camera, turn off the Radian, and fully close the app (this involves double clicking the home button on iOS and swiping up, or going into App Settings on Android. Check below FAQs for more info). Reopen the App and turn Radian on with Bluetooth enabled. 
  6. Final test: turn Radian off and connect to USB power (charge). Open the App with Bluetooth turned on. Radian will connect to the App while charging even if it is turned off. Once connected, check the device's Firmware in Settings and update your Radian if necessary. To get past the first step of the update, simply unplug your Radian from USB power (thereby turning if 'off'), and allow the BLE symbol to turn Grey. Then, reconnect your Radian to USB power and check to make sure the BLE symbol turns white again. The app will update the firmware and reset your Radian to allow a secure connection.

If you are still unable to connect Radian to your phone, please refer to our more in-depth Connection Guide.

Power Problems and Firmware Upgrade

If you have tried the reset above and your Radian 2 appears to have no LED indications, you may need to update your firmware. Please follow these steps in order to do so. Please note you can only update one Radian at a time.

  1. Turn off Wifi on your phone and open the app.

  2. Turn on the Radian and make sure the Bluetooth symbol turns white on your phone.

  3. In the app, go to settings, then version, then firmware update, and press update. You can also check your current firmware version on your Radian, and see the current version available for update. If you are not running the latest firmware, the App will notify you when you connect your Radian.

  4. Wait for the update to go to 100% and for a message to pop up in the app. Then turn off the Radian, wait for the bluetooth symbol to turn grey.

  5. Turn on the radian, wait for the bluetooth symbol to turn white.

  6. Press continue.

  7. Wait for 100% again. Press ok.

  8. Turn off radian and restart the app.

  9. Turn on the Radian.

  10. Radian blinks Green at you. This shows it was successful and is ready to accept programming from the App!

If these steps did not work for you, please email us. You can also refer to our Radian 2 Troubleshooting Guide.

How to Close/Restart the App on Android and iOS

If you are having connection or programming problems with your Radian 2, it may be necessary to close/restart the app to clear its settings with your paired Radian(s). 

  • To do this on iOS: double click your home button, and drag the app up and away in order to close it completely. Restart the App from your home screen. Then restart your Radian.
  • To do this on AndroidOpen the Applications tray and tap the Settings icon. Then locate and tap Applications. Tap Manage Applications. In the list of running applications, select the application you wish to close and tap Force Stop. Restart the App from your home screen. Then restart your Radian. This clears background settings running on your phone that may be preventing a secure connection.
Camera Triggering Issues

Radian's status led will flash red right before it commands your camera to take a photo. If this does not result in a photo being taken, something isn't working. Below is the checklist to figure out what the issue could be:

  1. Make sure your camera is set fully to Manual (lens and body) and wifi/NFC or live view is NOT enabled since this blocks USB connection on some cameras.
  2. Make sure the USB cable is connected between Radian and the camera. 
  3. Make sure you receive a notification from the App that your camera has connected successfully. Your camera settings array may not be accurate if a secure connection has not been made (depending on the camera, this App-Radian-Camera connection process can take 5-60 seconds. If you are an Android user especially, please give the App time to connect as BLE is slower to connect on Android than on iOS). 
  4. Can your camera actually take a photo when you press the shutter button? If not there may be some other issue, like autofocus being on, and unable to focus.
  5. Sometimes your camera can go to sleep between commands (we're working on this). If you take a photo (waking it back up), does the Radian then start controlling the camera? 

If these steps did not fix the issue for you, please email us with your specific camera make and model. We will have an update out soon to correct issues with triggering the camera.

Radian Won't Turn or is Locked Up

If your Radian was working but now does not blink when turned off and turned back on again, it could be either in need of recharging, or it could need to be reset from the app.

  1. Switch the Radian to "off", then plug it into USB power. If the red battery LED blinks, it is charging and you should be set. The Radian's right-LED will hold red when charging is complete.
  2.  If the above did not change anything, please try hard resetting your Radian, as described here.


Still having issues with your Radian 2? Please refer to our articles below or shoot us an email including your camera model and phone type to help us fix the issue!.



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