How does it work? 



What is Radian?

Radian is a device that allows you to take stunning motion time-lapses without the cost and hassle inherent in linear slider systems.

Radian is programmed from your smartphone, and is compatible with most DSLR cameras. 

Designed with DSLRs in mind, Radian is compact, easy to use, and powerful



Designed to make the entire process of time-lapsing frustration and hassle free, so you can actually enjoy what you’re capturing.

Programmed by an iOS/Android/web app that lets you do everything you’d want with time-lapses, while still keeping things simple.

Radian stores your last settings and executes them upon power up, just in case you need to pre-program your settings


Ultra-affordable & Ultra-portable

Designed with DSLR users in mind, Radian is constructed of high-impact plastic polymers to reduce weight and cost.

Radian is completely self-contained, eliminating the need for bulky external controllers, heavy batteries, and on-site assembly. 

At under 1 pound, you can bring Radian along on any adventure, so you never need to miss a shot.


Advanced settings

HDR/HOLD: Simulates the "long" mode of timers, allowing you to take bracketed exposures to later compile into HDR time-lapses.

Speed Ramping:Use your phone's touchscreen to set waypoints to control the speed and acceleration of movement.

Bulb-ramping: Control the exposure via bulb-mode over time, so you can properly transition from light-dark and vice versa (for cameras with built-in PC Sync Ports).

Queueing: Program multiple time-lapses to run back-to-back. 

Presets: Save and load time-lapse settings that you want to repeat for another time(lapse).



Plays nice with others

Radian is fully-compatible with digital SLRs and any camera with a trigger-release input.

Radian can easily be paired with any smartphone time-lapse app to create some on-the-go ‘lapses with your iPhone or Android.

Radian also works remarkably well in combination with other timelapse equipment, like motorized dollies and other timelapse triggers. When paired with a motorized slider, some amazing timelapses happen.


No phone tethering required

Unlike other iPhone-based camera triggers and devices, you don’t need to keep your iPhone connected. Once you press “Start,” you are free to disconnect your phone without any worry of interfering with your timelapse. The last thing you want is your game of Angry Birds to interrupt a time-lapse that you had started hours prior. And when you’re far out in the wilds of Alaska, you can turn your phone off to save valuable battery life for when you really need it. And trust us, both of those situations may happen more than you think.

Infinitely-expandable battery life

As photographers, we unfortunately know all too well the dreaded scenario in which we didn’t bring enough batteries to the shoot. Which is why we designed Radian to be easily run off of any external USB power pack. The market for USB power packs is large, varied, and affordable, and a reliable pack that can last for dozens of time-lapses can be easily found for less than $20.