Refurbished Radian 1 (White)

*Radian 1 requires a smartphone with an headphone jack*

Radian is a device that allows you to take stunning motion time lapses with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, as well as Go-Pro and even your smartphone. Born out of our own frustrations for other devices out there, Radian is compact, easy to use, and powerful. Radian has all the advanced features you need, while still keeping things simple so that you can focus on the shot, and actually enjoy what you are capturing.

Radian is programmed by your phone, but unlike other iPhone and Android based camera triggers and devices, you don't need to keep your phone connected. Once you press "Upload," you are free to disconnect your phone without any worry of interfering with your final time lapse.

Radian Details:
  • Comes with Canon N3 and E3 cable. Nikon and other cables sold separately.
  • Precision Motion Control: Move-Shoot-Move for Time Lapse and Continuous Motion for Video
  • Angular Resolution: 20,000+ Positions Per 360° (0.0173° Per Photo)
  • Bulb Ramping, Speed Ramping, Queing, Presets, and HDR control
  • Standard 1/4-20 threads on top and bottom
  • 100+ hours per charge USB rechargeable Battery
  • Max Panning Load: 15 lbs Max Tilt Load: 4+ lbs (5D Mark iii)

------For Full Technical Specifications Click Here------ 


  *Please Note: Due to limited supply, all Radian sales are final.

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