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Spark Beta Testing

Below you will find everything you need to shoot, test, and provide feedback on Spark Beta. If you find any bugs, please let us know by filling out this feedback form. As always, have fun out there with your Spark - we'd love to see what you're shooting!

**This page will be updated if important information regarding Spark Beta comes up.

Get started: 

  1. Get the Spark App iOS: First download the Test Flight app in the Apple App Store. Then look for an email from Test Flight with a Spark Invitation Code. Type the Code into the Test Flight app to get access to the Spark App. Android The Spark app is expected to be live on the Google Play Store tomorrow or Thursday of this week!
  2. Connect Spark to your camera via the trigger cable provided. Note: Production cables will be form fitting. Beta units are using sample camples
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. 
  4. Open the Spark app
  5. Fire Away! 
  6. Not Connecting? Make sure bluetooth is turned on on your phone. Email us if you have any trouble doing this!