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Sony USB Compatibility Issues

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering "Why don't you support Sony with Radian 2 and Pulse? Their new mirrorless cameras are amazing!" And while we agree that their cameras are pretty sweet, we unfortunately are currently unable to control them due to a lack of basic features on Sony cameras.


Sony does not allow you to store photos to local memory if they were taken while plugged into a USB device (ie your computer, Pulse, or Radian 2). If you want to see this change, please Click Here to Tweet to Sony 

The Full Story

As far as we can tell Sony does not allow their cameras to store any images to internal memory while connected over a USB port. Sony provides no documentation on this, and their engineers won't reply to us, so we only have access to the commands that we can scope from running their tethering software. With those commands we can set ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and a host of other settings, but we can not take more than a few photos without the camera locking up.

On further inspection we realized that this was because we weren't pulling the image data, and that no photos taken (even with the shutter button) during a USB session were saved to the local card. We tried a few tricky things, like commanding the photo and then disconnecting quickly, but that just locks up the camera. 

It may be that Sony does support a basic USB triggering command and that we don't know about it. It also probably wouldn't be hard for them to fix the issue with a firmware update. But unless we can get enough people to reach out to them to make them listen, they will probably continue stonewalling us. We would love to support their superb line of new cameras, and we could use your help