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Radian 2 Firmware Update 

This firmware update is usable for Radian 2 users with the latest Radian 2 App version installed on their phones (version 3.12 and beyond). Below are the specifics on 1) What is fixed with this firmware update and 2) What will be fixed in the next update.

We are aware that there are still some outstanding issues, and we wanted to acknowledge that they exist and we are working on them. This is absolutely not ideal but we decided to push this update out in the meantime as it fixes many of the problems people are experiencing.

1) Firmware and App Update Fixes:

  • If your camera is on and connected to Radian when it is powered on, it can still connect to the camera. 
  • Trigger Port Functionality
  • Camera Settings are more robust
  • Battery indicator on Radian startup
  • Better-maintained camera connection

2) Remaining Issues that we are Working on:

  • It is still possible for the Radian to occasionally "lock up" if there is an issue while connecting to your camera, but it seems to be much harder to re-create. 
  • Retrieving Thumbnails works for iphone, but can sometimes get interrupted and fail. If this happens, you can restart the time-lapse by pressing the pause/resume button on the programming page. 

  • There is currently an errant Direct Drive warning message, which will be fixed in the app with the next update. 

3) Troubleshooting Checklist for Firmware Update:

If you are currently having trouble connecting or programming your Radian 2, then you should check the steps below to reset your Radian or update its firmware correctly with the current version.

Does your Radian 2 blink green on the left LED indicator when switched on?

  • YES: Your Radian unit should be updated and will be able to receive settings once connected via BLE to your phone and Radian App.
  • NO: Your Radian's battery may be dead or your settings on your Radian may be jammed. Please follow the steps below.

Can you connect to your phone's bluetooth and the Radian app, even if the Radian is turned to 'off'? (note: Radian may not display any LED notifications).

  • YES: Turn your Radian off and go to Settings -> Troubleshoot -> Reset Radian. This will clear any excess charge on the Radian that is allowing it to stay connected via Bluetooth and you should receive a "Radian Disconnected" message in-app.
  • NO: Plug your Radian into a USB charger. If your Radian LED blinks Red, let it charge to full capacity (Green LED). If there is no blinking light, please refer to the steps below.
Are you having any other lockup issues, inaccurate settings, or issues with updating the firmware on your Radian 2?
  • Restart the app on your phone, making sure to fully close the application so in-app settings are reset, or;
  • Delete the app from your phone and reinstall the latest version from your App store. It is important to fully remove the app from your phone before the reinstall so previous settings are not carried over to the newest version. Follow the steps in the app to update the firmware on your Radian 2. You should receive a "Successful Update" notification once finished and your Radian 2's left LED will begin flashing green to confirm the update was successful.


If you are still having problems getting camera settings or with your Radian 2 locking up, we would very much appreciate hearing from you with specifics on the steps you took that created the issue and your camera and phone models that you are using with your Radian. Please shoot us an email so we're able to better record your issue using the button below!