Pulse Beta Firmware/App Update 

Hey there everyone! We've got another App and Firmware update for Pulse (9/15). Please follow the instructions below to update the Firmware on your Pulse and download the new App (now available for iOS!).
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New Features/Stability Fixes:

  • Revised App interface and opening sequence
  • Revised Bluetooth connection sequence
  • Improved Bluetooth connection stability
  • Various UI tweaks 

How to Download Firmware v1.6: 

 Password: PulseBeta

In order to use these new features, you must update the firmware on your Pulse. To do this, follow the steps below and refer to the video above:

  1. Download the new V1.6 Firmware File to your computer and move it to your computer's desktop.
  2. Turn Pulse to 'Off' and connect it to your computer via USB.
  3. When Pulse is connected and appears on your computer's desktop, drag the Firmware File onto the Pulse Icon.
  4. Pulse will load the firmware and disconnect from your computer. Pulse will then reconnect and begin flashing a steady blink every 3 seconds to show it is updated and charging correctly.
  5. Disconnect Pulse from your computer.

If you have any issues with this process, please let us know below or go through the steps 2-3 times more. Sometimes the first update is unsuccessful. The below 'Error' message may appear after you've dragged the FW file onto your Pulse- this is actually not an issue and the Firmware on your Pulse was successfully updated if you receive this message.

You can check to make sure your Firmware update was successful by navigating to Settings in the Pulse App and checking your Pulse's Firmware version when it is connected (it should be v1.6 if successful). 


How to Update the Pulse App:

  • Android: navigate to the Google Play Store and download the Pulse App. This is the latest version.
  • iOS: navigate to the Apple App Store- the Pulse App is now available for iOS! (search for Pulse Camera Control) 

Submitting Feedback

If you're having any issues, please submit feedback via the Pulse Feedback Form as before. 


    That's all for now! Contact us below with any questions and we can't wait to see what you're shooting out there. If you'd like to share, give us a shout out on Instagram or send us a link to your time lapse video!