Pulse Beta Testing

Below you will find everything you need to shoot, test, and provide feedback on Pulse Beta. If you find any bugs, please submit them via the Google Form. As always, have fun out there with your Pulse- we'd love to see what you're shooting!


For information on upgrading your Pulse to the latest Firmware (9/15) and downloading the latest App (we highly recommend it- now available for iOS!) please go here




Get started: 

Note: the "Get Started" process has been updated with the latest version (8/18). Follow the instructions on your phone and we'll update the instructions on this page soon!

  1. Get the Pulse AppiOS: Search for Pulse Camera Control on the App Store or head hereAndroid: Go to the Google Play store and search for Pulse Camera Remote or click this link to the Pulse App.

  2. Connect Pulse to your camera via the USB cable provided and turn on both Pulse and your camera.

  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. 
  4. Open the app
  5. Follow directions in the App.
  6. Fire Away! 
  7. Not Connecting?  First make sure everything is in fact turned on. Then go to the Devices Page via the Main Menu in the Pulse App and tap the Blue/White Circle. This will reconnect your Pulse. 


    How do I charge Pulse? 

    1. Turn on Pulse,
    2. Plug Pulse into power source,
    3. Turn off Pulse. 

    If Pulse is charging correctly, it will now double-blink every 3 seconds. Please refer to the short clip below that shows a correctly charging Pulse. Full charging takes 4-5 hours and Beta units now show charging status/current charge. If when plugged in the light blinks on/off for 3 seconds at a time, you are not charging. That is a different mode for uploading the firmware. 


    How do I know how much battery is left?

    The App will now tell you how much battery is left on your Pulse within 25% intervals! Check the upper-left hand corner under the Alpine Labs logo in the App menu. 


    Known Limitations

    If you find variations in the upper/lower limits of your camera/lens settings (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed) in the app when using Pulse with your camera, please let us know on the Pulse Feedback Form. This information helps us out a great deal in making sure Pulse works with everyone's camera! 

    Quick Fixes:

    • If you're not able to retrieve image thumbnails in the App or are having trouble connecting, go into your phone's settings and "Forget" Pulse in your Bluetooth Connection settings. This will allow the Pulse App to connect correctly with your Pulse over both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic.
    • Histogram Chart/Time Lapse Preview: To test, click the thumbnail or swipe right after you've received the image transfer. 
    • If you're having trouble with settings, toggle the Pulse connection in 'Devices' and reconnect. If this does not work, try turning your camera on/off as well and let us know if this is a repeated issue for your specific camera.
    • If you've connected Pulse to multiple devices, Pulse will automatically pair/look for the initially paired device- just make sure to turn Bluetooth off on the paired devices you are not planning on controlling Pulse from at that time.


    Submitting Feedback

    'Submit a Bug' Feature

    We have released a new feature in the App which will submit detailed reports of what is going on behind the scenes in the app while you're using Pulse with your camera. To use this feature and submit a report within the Pulse App, please follow the instructions below! 

    1. Play with Pulse and concentrate on recreating an issue you're having. Once recreated, fully close the App (this involves double clicking the home button and 'swiping up' on iOS and closing the App in Settings on Android). 
    2. Open the Pulse App, Turn Pulse 'On', Turn Camera 'On,' and wait for connection. 
    3. Once connected, go into Settings -> Debug Mode -> 'On' (toggle button)
    4. Repeat the issue as accurately as possible. Once repeated, navigate back to Settings -> Submit a Bug -> Upload Bug Report.
    5. You should receive a confirmation that your Bug Report upload was successful! 


    Google Feedback Form
    Thank you for all your help in this process! And as always let us know if you need anything!