Alpine Labs Beta Tester Program

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for Alpine Labs, to get the jump on the latest updates, and access to the newest features before anyone else, then please read on! 


To be eligible for our beta tester program, you will need the following basic qualifications : 

  1. A Radian or Michron (depending on the tester program you are in)
  2. An iOS device for programming. Final builds will also run on Android, but to keep things simple we are sticking to iOS devices for the beta testing
  3. Access to a computer running some version of Mac OSX
  4. Patience (there is a reason these builds are not publicly available yet!)


Currently we are only soliciting users for one beta tester program. Please note that we are only able to add a limited number of people to this program due to limitations within the Apple developer system, so not all people who apply will get access. To apply, simply register on Testflight, and I will approve you, or contact you as to why we cannot approve you. 


Radian R2_1 Firmware Beta Testers 


We are putting together a group for beta testing of the new Radian firmware, and associated App. The plan is to release some new features to the Radians out in the wild, but to do this we need to thoroughly test these new features, as well as get user feedback on usability and interface. 


In order to take part in this program, you will need a Radian, as well as everything else listed above. 


To join the beta tester team you need to open the below link with the device that you’ll be doing the programming with. if you have multiple devices that you want to use, please open it with all of those devices to register them. I need to have a device registered before I can give it access to the app. Please note that you will need to have the new app in order to program a device running the updated firmware. Because of this, I do not recommend moving to the next step until you have successfully loaded the new app on your phone. 


To get the most recent version of the firmware, you will need to go HERE  to download the firmware upgraded applet (in zip form). For now it is necessary to have the updater applet in a location that has no spaces in the file path. for instance /Users/alpinelabs/Downloads is great, but /Users/alpinelabs/My Folder will not work due to the space in “My Folder”. 


Before Uploading to your Radian, make sure to load the default setting of 45 degrees (panning), 1 hour duration, and 10 second interval, with no advanced settings on. Also, please note that it can take up to a minute on some computers for updating the firmware. For most people it is shorter, but please be patient, and wait for the applet to confirm if programming worked or not. 


When you’ve got the applet, you just need to open it up, and select the button on the right to upload the new firmware. If you don’t like the new firmware, you can always revert back to the original firmware from the applet. To know that you have successfully uploaded the new firmware, check that your Radian's Green Status LED turns on when performing the preload motion. However, when you first change the firmware, Radian will no longer be able to read the settings saved in memory, and it will revert to the


Please note that this will not replace the current Radian app (this one is called radian_beta) but it will replace your Radian's firmware (though you can revert it back). 


If you have any issues or questions, please contact me directly at steve [ at ]